नादब्रह्मोपासताम् | Worship Nādabrahman (Adore Brahman in the form of sound)

As a system of Indic traditional music going back several thousands of years – with origins in the Veda, Bharatiya Shastriya Sangeeta (pronounced: bhaarateeya shaastreeya sangeet, English: Indian Classical Music) is one of the world’s oldest art forms in continuous existence and flourishing. It is not only a traditional but also a sacred music form whose richness is rooted in the teachings passed on from master to disciple for millennia. A descendant of this tradition, the current form of Karnataka Sangeeta (South Indian Music) can be traced back to the last millennium.


Throughout the history of Bharatiya Shastriya Sangeet, its practitioners have worshipped the Vedantic ideal of the supreme Brahman (brahmOpaasanaa) through music. Some even worshipped the music itself as Brahman (naadOpaasanaa). Thus, the Bharatiya Sangeetam is not only an art form. Instead, it is worship (upaasanaa) called naadOpaasanaa.


Brahman, perfection in the form of sound is Bharatiya Sangeet’s ultimate quest. A rich musical tradition has evolved in this quest, where the vibrations in the physical world continue to explore the depths of the spiritual world. Both the Hindustani and Carnatic branches of this musical tradition have witnessed great musicologists, composers, and musicians who have repeatedly redefined music in their quest for Brahman.


Bharatiya Sangeeta doesn’t always need meaningful sahitya (saahitya or lyrics) to enjoy. Its sound itself is enough to elevate our minds to spiritual levels. For example, aalaapana, the beats of percussion instruments, or even the sound of a bell in a mandir. Compared to “gaanabrahman” therefore, “naadabrahman” is more apt and appears in Sangeeta Bharati’s motto. We perform such upaasanaa of naadabrahman through Practice, Perform, Promote, and Unite (sanghatan) of Indian music and its musicians. These comprise the four pillars of Sangeeta Bharati.


Sangeeta Bharati America is a volunteer-run organization rooted in Sanaatana Dharma and incorporated in the state of Texas in 2022. Sangeeta Bharati is a compound word, written and pronounced as “sangeetabhaaratee”, meaning Bhaaratee (mother Bharati, or mother India), adorned with music. Indian music also includes dance. Hence, when music is referred to, it also means Indian classical dance. As a convenience to non-native speakers, “sangeetabhaarati” is written “Sangeeta Bharati” in English but should be read as one word.


नादब्रह्मोपासताम् |

Worship Nādabrahman

(Adore Brahman in the form of sound)




Promote and Unite

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