Sangeeta Bharati America is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization run by volunteers to help practice, perform, and promote Indian classical music and dance forms in the United States of America. Below are some of our active programs.


1. Free Books: We provide music textbooks and other books on Indian heritage free of cost. These books are revised from time to time and the latest editions are made available on our website. Our books are designed to print at home and secure in a binder or made spiral bind books.

  1. 2. Free audio-video lessons: To supplement the music and percussion learning, the audio-visual lessons are available on our website, as albums on different streaming platforms as well as on our YouTube channel.
  2. 3. Music Examinations: At present, we are providing Karnataka music and percussion music examinations both at the Junior and Senior levels to help students learn music comprehensively.
  3. 4. College Scholarship: To help students in college to pursue music (in case they had to work part-time), we are building a community scholarship fund for selected students with a minimum of $1001 for junior-completed students and a minimum of $2501 for senior-completed students. The maximum amount will vary based on community contribution each year.
  4. 5. Navaratri Sangeetotsav: During the Navaratri weekends across multiple cities, we organize  Vidwan/Vidushi-level classical music concerts, and serve lunch/snacks to the gatherings. Our music concerts are not only music, it’s the celebration of our heritage. Rasikas and everyone else gather to celebrate it.
  5. 6. Public Outreach Concerts: To bring awareness to the general public on Indian classical music and dance, Sangeeta Bharati conducts Indian classical music and dance concerts in association with the city and other public offices at places like libraries, museums, and city halls.

Our future programs include the expansion of our volunteering service into Hindustani classical music and many forms of Indian classical dance, and Sangeeta Bharati Music and Dance University.

The success of these programs depends on donors’ contributions in all three forms of tan, man, and dhan (physical, mind, and financial support) and it means a lot for us in the service of music and dance. Your donations are tax-deductible.

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