Sangeeta Bharati America Inc.
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

US college scholarship for Indian classical music and dance students

Sangeeta Bharati America is a volunteer-based organization established to promote Indian classical music and dance in the United States of America.

As the Hindu faith and India are the roots of many kinds of music and dance fine art forms, Sangeeta Bharati is an effort of Hindu Americans to nourish the roots by practicing, performing, promoting Indian classical music and dance and uniting the practitioners and the art lovers (rasikas). Along these lines, to encourage students to continue practicing music and dance through their college life, Sangeeta Bharati will be awarding college scholarships starting in 2024.

Currently Offered Scholarships


Number *

Amount *

Pravesha (Junior) Sangeeta



Pravesha (Junior) Talavadya



Pravesha (Junior) Bharatanatya



Madhyama (Senior) Sangeeta



Madhyama (Senior) Talavadya



Madhyama (Senior) Bharatanatya



*The number and amount given in the table are what Sangeeta Bharati guarantees. Both will increase based on the community contribution each year.

Understanding the Sangeeta Bharati scholarship process



Registration Start Date: The registration opens on Sankranti (Jan 14-15) every year, and the essay topic (essay prompt) is announced on the same day on Sangeeta Bharati’s Facebook page at and other social media channels.

Registration End Date: Hindu New Year “Chandramana Yugadi” (March-April).

Announcement of selection: May 15th.

May 15th to May 31st: Selected students are to send bursar-like contact of their college and a photograph with an entirely plain background (similar to a passport photo).

June 1st to June 15th: Scholarship checks will be mailed to respective colleges/universities.

Application Process

Once the essay is announced on Sankranti day, between Sankranti and Chandramana Yugadi, email the below details to

Scholarship selection committee (2024 - 2029)

Advisory Committee

Questions? Please write to