Ayōdhyā Rāmāgamana

Music and Dance Online Contest

On the historic occasion of the Rama Mandir inauguration at Ayodhya




1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Junior Segment 

(Up to middle school)




Senior Segment 

(Highschool and above)





 1. Karnataka Shastreeya Sangeeta

2. Hindustani Shastreeya Sangeeta and

3. Bharatanatya Nrutya (Solo)

4. Bharatanatya Nrutya (Group)


Segments under each category

1. Junior and

2. Senior


Each category will have its own prizes of $1500 and worth $6000 in total.


Last date for registration: December 31, 2023 (Extended until Jan 14, 2024).

Last date for video submission: January 14, 2024.

Announcement of the winners: January 22, 2024.

Prizes distribution: Ramanavami 2024.


General Instructions

1. Contestants should be residents of the USA or Canada.

2. The contest is limited to Karnataka Sangeeta, Hindustani Sangeeta, and Bharatanatya dance.

3. Vocal and instrumental music are considered at the same level (no separate categories)

4. Registering twice or more by the same individual in a given segment and category (to send two or more videos) as applicable is not allowed.

5. Senior students can only compete in the senior segment, and junior students can compete in both junior and senior segments. Separate registration in each category is required, and there is no default consideration of any junior student in a senior category based on competency.

6. Group competition is considered only in categories that have enough registrations. Otherwise, the registration fee will be refunded after closing the registration window.

7. You can use accompaniments, but your performance is what is considered for the evaluation.

8. Before the prize distribution, Sangeeta Bharati may ask for proof of grade in the junior category.

9. Remember that the video is made exclusively for this contest. It shouldn’t be shared elsewhere and created earlier for some other occasion.

10. Participants agree that Sangeeta Bharati may post the selected videos on Sangeeta Bharati channels/platforms.



1. The selection of the songs should be on Bhagawan Shri Rama.

2. The lyrics of the song should be of the original composer.



1. Contestants shouldn’t use scripts, books, or learning aids during the recording.

2. The video shouldn’t be added with any captions and is not edited.

3. The length of the video shall not exceed 5 minutes and 8 minutes, respectively, for the juniors and seniors.

4. Information such as years of training, teacher’s name, name of the dance school, choreographer’s name, etc should NOT be included in the video.

5. The recording ambiance should be in accordance with the requirements for Indian fine arts – for example, temples, pooja rooms, dance schools with aesthetic environments, etc. This environment should be captured well within the video frame (avoiding a plain wall or screen as background).

6.  All participants/artists in the video should be visible from head to toe. The video frame should have everything needed and shouldn’t have what is not needed to avoid distraction for the viewer.

7. The contestant should introduce herself/himself (full name, name of the dance/song, raga, tala, and composer name) and mention the occasion before the rendition.
Example: My name is Jahnavi Shivakumar. I sing the Tyagaraja composition “Telisi Rama Chintanato Namamu” in raga Poornachandrika and set to Aditala. I dedicate this song to Ayodhya Rama on the occasion of the opening of his grand temple at his birthplace in Ayodhya.

To ensure participants understand the occasion, mentioning the occasion shouldn’t be written on a paper and read. It should be the participant’s own words with understanding.


8. Recording equipment (camera/phone) should be maintained steady. For example, mounting the equipment on a tripod instead of holding it in hand.
9. Record the audio and video using your convenient device in a landscape (horizontal) layout into a high-definition (HD) file in MP4 format.
10. The overall audio and video quality should be presentable, and if selected, it must be a quality piece to share on social media and other Sangeeta Bharati channels and liked.

Sharing the video

1. Name the video file in the “Participant’s full name_Contesting category” format and save it on Google or similar storage in mp4 format.

2. Send your video link to rama@sangeet-bharati.org on or before January 14th, 2024.

Karnataka Sangeeta Contest Instructions

1. Junior: Up to 5 minutes of a Kruti. a.k.a Keertane (example, that of Sangeetatrayas, Muttayya Bhagavatar, Mysuru Vasudevachara, Swati Tirunal, etc.).

2. Senior: Up to 8 minutes of a Kruti. a.k.a Keertane with raga or kalpane-swaras (example, that of Sangeetatrayas, Muttayya Bhagavatar, Mysuru Vasudevachara, Swati Tirunal, etc.)

Hindustani Sangeeta Contest Instructions

1. Junior: Up to 5 minutes of Chota Khayal Bandish.

2. Senior: Up to 8 minutes of Bada Khayal Bandish with alap.

Bharatanatya Contest Instructions

1. Junior: Up to 5 minutes of Kauthwam, Shloka, or Stuti on Bhagawan Rama.

2. Senior: Up to 8 minutes of any part of a Varna (including Abhinaya), Padam, or Keertane on Bhagawan Rama.

3. Group Contest: The minimum number of artists in a group should be four, and the maximum number should not exceed 10. Time duration remains the same – up to 5 minutes for the juniors group and 8 minutes for the seniors group.


A team of three juries from each category (Karnataka sangeeta, Hindustani sangeeta and Bharatanatya) will participate in the jury process.


Smt. Snehal Kothari (for any questions in Hindustani Sangeeta segments): (405)719-1319

Shri. Mohan Ram (for any question in Karnataka Sangeeta segments): (210)913-9187
Smt. Deepa Kamath (for any questions in Bharatanatya): (972)595-8300


This Ayodhya Ramagamana Indian Classical Music Contest form is disabled now.