Examinations Rescheduling, Cancelling and Reactivating

(This form will be enabled along with the registration link and disabled two weeks before the examination)


1. Please check the instructions given in https://sangeetabharati.org/examinations/exam-registration/

Cancelling or Reactivating

1. Cancelling requires paying a cancellation fee for a full refund. This is to avoid unintended cancellation requests.

2. If you have requested to hold last year’s exam registration, you can reactivate your registration to appear for the examination this year using this form.

3. Reactivation should be done during the regular registration timeline from Ganesh Chaturthi to Vijayadashami. Afterward, the process continues similar to that of a new registration.

Personal Details

Please provide three options you can make (for rescheduling only)

(Level 3 Junior and Level 4 Senior should be on the first and second weekends. Other levels can request any weekend during December. The new schedule may be in person or online at the discretion of Sangeeta Bharati)

Please solve the Captcha question correctly to proceed with the form submission.

Submission of request for examinations rescheduling, cancelling or reactivating

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For any questions/issues related to examination form submission or payment, write to Sangeet Bharati at