Karnataka Sangeeta Pravesha (Music Junior) Textbooks

The lessons given here are the minimum required for one to get introduced to Karnataka classical music and to successfully complete Karnataka junior examination. But, students and parents must be aware of the fact that there is much more to learn which can be taught by Gurus following their sampradaya. For example, many more varases, varases in ‘a’-kara, and different rendition styles of compositions.

Sangeeta Pravesha Prathama

with flute learning tips

Sangeeta Praveshika Prathama

It is a subset of the “Sangeeta Pravesha Practicals” textbook. But, it has the small content required for the junior level 1. As Sangeeta Bharati books are designed to print at home and spiral bind and use, considering the level 1 users are small children, this small book is created. This book has everything needed for those appearing for the Sangeeta Pravesha level 1 examination.

This book also contains the flute learning tips.

Juniors Karnataka Sangeeta Learning

– An abridged version

Juniors Carnatic Learning Kannada Abridged

Juniors Carnatic Learning – An abridged version is a concise junior’s Carnatic music book in the Kannada language. This book is compiled in accordance with the practical syllabus prescribed by the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) for the juniors music examination. Unlike other Sangeeta Bharati books which are designed for Letter size printing, this book is designed for printing on A4 size papers, a common paper size used in Bharat.

Sangeeta Pravesha Practicals

Sangeeta Praveshika Practicals_v1.0_Front

Termed as an encyclopedia in Karnataka Sangeetam, this book has everything needed for the practical examination of all three levels of Sangeeta Pravesha (Karnataka Sangeetam Junior).

Sangeeta Pravesha Theory and Examination Manual

Sangeeta Praveshika Theory

This book contains the theory (shastra or Lakshana) of Karnataka Shastreeya Sangeetam a junior-level student should be knowing. The book has both elements and principles of music to prepare for the written music examination. The book also has information about the examination, syllabus, sample question papers, evaluation criteria, and much more for all three Pravesha sub-levels.

Video Lessons

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Audio Lessons

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