Karnataka Talavadya Pravesha (Percussion Junior) Textbooks

The lessons given here are the minimum required for one to get introduced to Karnataka talavadya and to successfully complete Karnataka junior talavadya examination. But, students and parents must be aware of the fact that there is much more to learn which can be taught by Gurus following their sampradaya.

Talavadya Pravesha Practicals

Talavadya Praveshika Practicals

It is a junior Karnataka talavadya textbook of practical lessons covering all three levels.

One must also use its theory counterpart which is given in a separate book with the title “Talavadya Pravesha Theory”.

Talavadya Pravesha Theory
and Examination Manual

Talavadya Praveshika Theory

This book is all about Karnataka Talavadya junior theory lessons every Talavadya student should know. It also includes information about Sangeeta Bharati talavadya examinations, syllabus, sample question papers, evaluation criteria. etc.,

One should use this book along with its practicals counterpart book “Talavadya Pravesha Practicals”.